How we do

Working Process

How we do

When you contact us please send as much information about your project as possible.
This will ensure our prompt reply with the price and delivery terms.

  • Phase 01


    Once we have agreed on the price and got a confirmation, we can start working on the project.

  • Phase 02

    Draft renders

    The raw 3D model is finished and the camera angles are set up. You will receive first test renders to confirm a model geometry and camera views.

  • Phase 03

    Lighting, Composition, Materials

    Upon confirmation, we will make materials, the lighting setup, general composition and another round of test renders.

  • Phase 04

    Pre-final renders

    Afterward, a post-production process starts and pre-final renders are created. You will receive low-resolution preview images for comments, suggestions and review. After the final review, the Final Images are finished.

  • Phase 05

    Final Renders

    The Final Images in full resolution will be sent via e-mail or Wetransfer services with download instructions.

We are looking forward working with you